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Decorative Nihilism:
An Exhibition of New Paintings by Kevin Fey

Saturday May 2nd - Sunday May 10th, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday May 2nd, 6-9PM

For his latest exhibition, Decorative Nihilism, Kevin presents a new group of square paintings composed of acrylics, alkyds, enamels, resins, oils, pigments, solvents, canvas and gesso. Colors are seductive. Blacks are dark. Whites are white (and sometimes gray). Paints bleed, run, jitter, fight, blend, confuse the image and the object, and otherwise generally misbehave. Kevin is partner with these demanding and narcissistic materials, developing their internal aesthetics into outward appearances through drips, pours, tips, restraint, overcompensation, gravity, densities, revulsion, reactivities, and devotion.

Paintings focus on simple compositions that allow the materials a more generous forum for expression. Circles arrive as a weight of paint pushes canvas to the floor, straight lines appear as paint rushes off the canvas in response to gravity, and point like drips become larger forms as solvents pass over them. In Kevin’s new work there are no secrets, the paintings show off every aspect of their creation for the viewer to see.

Grand Opening is located at 139 Norfolk Street New York, New York.